You Can Live Beyond Conventional Wisdom

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Was Lord Buddha the first dead-beat Dad? Through the eyes of conventional wisdom, he disappointed everyone: his father, the King, the wife he loved so dearly and their newborn son. But Lord Buddha felt he was perhaps a different kind of husband, maybe husband to the world. He wanted to end suffering, including the suffering of his family. Jetsunma teaches how conventional wisdom brings conventional results and only deepens our habit of choosing self-aggrandizement over the welfare of all beings.  That habit is what we take into all our future lifetimes and if we don’t conquer it now, we just have to come back again and again to do it.  She asks, "Do you want to do it now? Because you will, eventually."


Recorded live on 10/01/95 by Jetsunma Ahkön Lhamo.

MP3 audio runs 60 min.

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