Live with Depth, Clarity & Heart

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Contemplating the Four Thoughts That Turn the Mind Toward Dharma is a traditional, foundational practice that, done  deeply, brings potency to the rest of your Path.  Jetsunma asks us not to follow the Western habit of simply memorizing and parroting the words, but to take them deeply into our hearts, until they are a part of us. "This practice is a jewel we hold in our hands; like a golden egg sitting on our laps, yet we’re still looking out there for something else." She asks us to open our minds, see what it is and what it isn’t. Really see what we hold in our hands.  "Take care of yourself as though you loved yourself."


Recorded live on 9/17/95 by Jetsunma Ahkön Lhamo.

MP3 audio runs 46 minutes.

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