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A smooth, downtempo mix of urban trip hop infused with ancient Tibetan mantra and chants, this eclectic CD brings an edge to enlightenment. Inspired by the energy and truth of hip hop, Jetsunma fuses progressive hop with trip hop, weaving ethereal vocals through raw organic beats, and uniting contemporary world issues with the sacred sound of mantra. 

Delog’s unique blend of socially conscious electronica was crafted under the executive direction of Jetsunma with the Blinded by View crew at Blinded by View Studios. 
This album is distinct in its collaborative creation. All members of the production crew arranged chord progressions and melodies, programmed beats, and conceptualized this genre-stretching CD. 

Jetsunma’s ethnic vocal qualities meld with Tara Middleton’s bell-like soprano to create vibrant, aching harmonies. Her lyrics are a resonant blend of urban gnosticism and ancient Tibetan chant, offering the timeless message of universal compassion in a time when it is needed the most. 

Beyond genre classification, this CD brings dance to Dharma, realization to the radio waves, and illumination to your iPod.




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