Cutting the Ego Using Chod Practice

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When Jetsunma was in her early 20’s she practiced examining all aspects of life: physical, mental, emotional. What she found in the things of samsara: "There’s no future in this."  At the same time, meditating upon the natural, luminous state that is free of contrivance, she would cry, realizing that this primordial nature is free of all causes of suffering yet none of us have awakened to it. This practice, clearly outlined in detail, gives rise to a breadth and depth of compassion that makes the rest of one’s life very simple. Accomplishing this, there is no longer any decision to be made.  All of one’s life becomes a vehicle to benefit all beings.  Later Jetsunma learned that this practice is called Chöd in Tibet.

Original live teaching 02/04/1996.

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